7. Visa Refusals /Tribunal Appeals

Visa refusals that lead to tribunal appeals (AAT- Administrative Appeals Tribunal) – Migration Review Tribunal and RRT- Refugee Review Tribunal
Visa Refusal
At RIS we will review all reasons that caused your visa to be refused. We would advise you of your chances of having the refusal to be remitted upon fresh reassessment by the tribunal. The AAT reviews a decision “on the merits”. This means that they take a fresh look at the facts, law and policy relating to the decision and arrive at our own decision.
But it’s best to seek professional advice so as to know if it would be worth your time and money to go down this path. Sometimes a fresh application may be the way, although in most cases a review by the tribunal could be successful
It is important that you lodge an appeal once your visa is refused with a set time frame. The time limit is usually mentioned on your refusal notice. (Usually 28 days from date of decision). To help you make the appropriate decision, our expert advice obtained in time will help you make your decision.
The Appeal

  • We can represent you at the tribunal [ AAT/RRT ]
  • RIS would also help you in collating all necessary evidence in order to determine a successful outcome at the AAT.
  • Fill in all necessary paper work
  • Have a submission written up so as to justify the case against Immigration Law
  • We would be present with you, represent you and advocate for you at the hearing

Sometimes after all forms, documentary evidence and submission are assessed by the tribunal a hearing may not be necessary. But this is for the tribunal to decide after assessing the file.
Contact us to find out more or to arrange a consultation. and we will help you on this difficult and complex path, making it as easy as possible with our expert experience.