It was nothing short of a miracle

Dear Michelle,

 Thank you so much for getting mom and dad’s RRV over the line. It was nothing short of a miracle.

What we liked about you in particular is the fact of how you managed to future plan for every eventuality and were highly responsive to the need of the hour.

We also particularly appreciate your business approach and structure to get the VISAs – and

We also particularly appreciate how you were able to provide us with the best advise – by conferring with you other colleagues and work with us in order that we could stretch ourselves to cover every gamut and approach – that would make the evaluation officer assessing the VISA challenged to provide us with a positive response. 

What impressed us the most is the fact that you were able to give us a timeline, when things would actually occur and this translated into significant peace of mind for all of us. 

Inshort – God, Michelle and my wife  – in this order – made this miracle happen for my parents – all in a matter of 2 weeks.

Michelle, we cant thank enough for all your help, advise and empathy extended to us to get this over the line. 

Thanks and Best Regards,
Ramya and Gavin