Australian Citizenship Day, 17 September

Citizenship-DayIntroduced in 2001, this special day celebrates the common bond of citizenship in Australia’s diverse society.

Australia’s population is made up of people from over 300 ancestries – our Australian citizenship unites us all, regardless of our background.   As one of the world’s most diverse countries, we are proud of our harmonious, egalitarian and democratic nation.

Whether you are Australian by birth or by pledge at a citizenship ceremony, Australian Citizenship Day is an opportunity for all to reflect on the meaning and value of citizenship.

This year marks a significant milestone of 65 years of Australian citizenship (1949-2014). Throughout the year, but particularly on Australian Citizenship Day, Australians celebrate and recognise the privileges and freedoms we enjoy as part of a contemporary, diverse, egalitarian and democratic nation.

What do you like most about being an Australian citizen?